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How Physiotherapy can Help with Cervicogenic Headaches

Written by: Dr Katherine Kulp Many of us quietly suffer with headaches, taking a pill in order to get on with our day. For a subset of people, their headache is actually coming from their neck; treating the neck then results in a significant decrease in headache pain, intensity and frequency. A classic example is […]

Advanced Lymphatic Treatment: The Latest in Lymphatic Drainage Massage

What is Lymphedema? Lymphedema is a medical condition that occurs when there is a blockage or impairment in the normal flow of lymphatic fluid. This leads to the accumulation of lymph in the affected area, usually in an extremity (arm or leg), but it can occur in other parts of the body as well. This […]

Hydrotherapy in Dubai: What Exactly is Hydrotherapy and How does it Help?

Written by: Ruchi Chhabria (Neuro Physiotherapist at OHC) Hydrotherapy or Aquatic Therapy is movement or exercises in a warm water environment in a specialized hydrotherapy pool using floats or properties of water to assist or resist movement. Others know it as pool physical therapy. Osteopathic Health Center offers Hydrotherapy in Dubai and run by qualified […]

Changes in Pelvic Floor During and After Pregnancy

Pregnancy and childbirth are beautiful experiences for any woman, but they can put a tremendous amount of pressure on her body. There are a lot of body parts that are affected during pregnancy but one area that is affected the most is the pelvic floor. It’s a group of muscles that support the bladder, uterus, […]

Role of Neuro Physiotherapy in Stroke Recovery

When a certain part of the human brain is damaged, it creates new neural pathways so that the body may function normally. This process is called Neuroplasticity. There are certain treatments and exercises which are done to achieve maximum benefit from new nerve pathways and to facilitate the process of Neuroplasticity. These treatments are known […]

Dry Needling in Dubai: The Miracle of How it can Heal Muscle Pain?

Dry needling is a procedure used mainly to treat and heal muscle pain. In this technique, a ‘dry’ needle; the one without any injection or medication, is inserted directly into the muscle or skin. This procedure is also known as trigger point dry needling because a specific muscle is triggered at deep tissue or superficial […]

You Probably Didn’t Know this Assisted Stretching Technique

Muscle energy techniques MET are a form of assisted stretching done by a trained physiotherapist; it has many advantages over normal stretching. Muscles can become chronically shortened due to many factors, such as overtraining, poor posture, sitting for long hours, and overall muscle weakness. If the shortening is chronic, regaining flexibility on your own can […]

Lymphedema Management

As one of the leading clinics in Dubai that offers lymphatic drainage massage. We give you this guide that will help you to understand the importance of prevention, control and management of lymphedema in the maintenance phase. What is the lymphatic system? The lymphatic system is a network of tiny vessels and small, bean-shaped organs […]

The Elephant Club: TMD, Bell’s Palsy and Cervicogenic headaches

Elephant Club Tuesday 26th February 2019.  Focus: TMD, Bell’s Palsy and Cervicogenic headaches  Participants to this meeting were invited to attend.  The meeting took place at the Osteopathic health Centre from 7:00pm to 9:00pm.  There were several practitioners present including osteopaths, a homeopath/ health coach, a TCM practitioner and a psychologist/ exercise physiologist. each giving their own […]

What is Manual Physical Therapy?

Manual orthopaedic physical therapy is a clinical approach to addressing joint, muscle and nerve tissues that restrict movement, perpetuate pain, and/or limit the functional potential of a person. It is the skilled, reasoned application of specific hands-on techniques to address dysfunctional tissues to modulate pain, restore movement, and improve function. Manual physical therapists (PTs) are […]

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