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Sports Conditioning & Rehabilitation

Sports Conditioning & Rehabilitation

Maximize Performance, Minimize Pain

Unlock Your Potential with Cutting-Edge Sports Conditioning and Injury Rehabilitation. We offer a range of personalized training and rehabilitation programs to help you achieve your goals.

Our Offers

Sports Conditioning

Our trainers will work with you to improve your strength, endurance, and agility for optimal sports performance

Injury Rehabilitation

We provide customized rehabilitation plans to help you recover from injuries and get back to your active lifestyle.

Functional Training

We focus on exercises that simulate real-life movements to improve your overall fitness and prevent injuries.

Sports Massage

Our therapists provide deep tissue, Swedish, and sports massages to help reduce muscle tension and improve recovery.

Injury Treatment & Rehabilitation

Whether you have suffered a sports injury, work-related injury, or a result of a car accident, our team has the knowledge and expertise to help you recover. We specialize in a wide range of injuries including but not limited to: spinal injuries, knee and shoulder injuries, and hand and foot injuries.

Sports Conditioning

Sports conditioning is essential for active individuals who want to perform at their best and avoid injuries. Our program combines strength and conditioning training with manual physical therapy to help improve performance and recover from injuries quickly.

Our certified therapists use cutting-edge techniques and equipment to help individuals achieve their goals. We use a combination of weightlifting, plyometrics, and cardio to build strength, power, and endurance. We also use techniques such as sport-specific drills and movements to help improve technique and performance.

In addition to sports conditioning, we also offer rehabilitation services to help individuals recover from injuries. Our therapists use a variety of techniques such as manual therapy, soft tissue mobilization, and exercises to help regain strength and range of motion. They will also work with you to create a personalized rehabilitation plan that is tailored to your specific needs and goals.

Why Choose Us?

OHC is a family-owned wellness clinic that’s been around since the year 2000. It’s the oldest Osteopathic clinic in the UAE and has been helping the community of Dubai for 23 years. It started as an osteopathic clinic, but over the years, OHC has developed a complete circle of care for the community, offering not just state-of-the-art manual therapies but also holistic view of patient care based on the philosophy of functional medicine, naturopathy, homeopathy, and quantum medicine.

We understand that every patient is different, that’s why our program is tailored to meet your individual needs. Whether you’re a professional athlete or just looking to improve your fitness and recover from injury, our team of experts will work with you to achieve your goals.

Our program is designed to help achieve goals through a combination of strength training, flexibility, and injury prevention exercises.

What Our Clients Say

Sheena Gatenby
Sheena Gatenby
Having previously visited this clinic for physio sometime ago, I knew to expect excellent service. This time round I needed to see an Osteopath and opted for Zarmeena. Wow! What Zarmeena doesn’t know about osteopathy isn’t worth knowing! From our first session she has been amazing! Having to deal with a lot of ‘referred’ pain in my body, Zarmeena quickly finds the source and addresses it. Each session leaves me feeling great! I can’t recommend Zarmeena enough! She is so invested in what’s she does, and it shows🥰Thant you!
Abeer Nafees
Abeer Nafees
Zarmeena is an outstanding osteopath who has helped me with chronic shoulder, back, and leg pain. Her professionalism, compassion, and dedication are commendable. She took the time to understand my concerns and created a personalized treatment plan which has enabled me to stay off pain killers & muscle relaxers. Her expertise in various therapeutic techniques and deep knowledge of acupuncture made a significant difference in my recovery. Additionally, she provided excellent exercises and ongoing support after each session. I am incredibly grateful for Zarmeena's care and highly recommend her to anyone seeking relief from pain and improved well-being.
Giovanni Cau
Giovanni Cau
I have been treated by Zarmeena. Almost not able to walk while entry the clinic because a bad low back pain..left after 40 minutes of treatment walking properly. Highly recommended! Thank you Zarmeena
Efficient and friendly booking process. Minimal waiting time and excellent diagnostics and treatment. Thank you 🙏
olfa benhadj
olfa benhadj
Maral is excellent . She is professional, gentle, using different relieving techniques and even taking time to give advices for exercises to do at home. All the team is welcoming. Thank you so much

Meet The Team

Mariam Mohyeddin
Senior Physiotherapist
Mariem Asidi
Ricky Brown
Osteopath (Sports Therapist)

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