February 27, 2019

Elephant Club Tuesday 26th February 2019. 

Focus: TMD, Bell’s Palsy and Cervicogenic headaches 

Participants to this meeting were invited to attend. 

The meeting took place at the Osteopathic health Centre from 7:00pm to 9:00pm. 

There were several practitioners present including osteopaths, a homeopath/ health coach, a TCM practitioner and a psychologist/ exercise physiologist. each giving their own perspective on the treatment of the conditions mentioned above. It became obvious by the end of the evening that despite the different approaches from osteopathic practitioners and TCM practitioners, the result would be beneficial to the patient. 

It was agreed that for patients suffering from Bell’s Palsy, early intervention was best, and that a combined approach of osteopathy with acupuncture could work well. 

Discussion points: Is traditional allopathic medicine becoming increasingly holistic in its approach? 

This is a monthly event for healthcare practitioners working in UAE. If you would like to join future events, please send an email on: anissa@