December 15, 2022

When a certain part of the human brain is damaged, it creates new neural pathways so that the body may function normally. This process is called Neuroplasticity. There are certain treatments and exercises which are done to achieve maximum benefit from new nerve pathways and to facilitate the process of Neuroplasticity. These treatments are known as Neuro physiotherapy.

Neuro Physiotherapy is done to increase mobility and functionality after a stroke. It is done by a neurological expert called Neurophysiotherapist who has special training to diagnose and treat patients who have a neurological injury or stroke. It is recommended that a 45-minute long neuro physiotherapy session should be done at least five days a week.

What can Neuro Physio do for Stroke Patients?

A neuro physiotherapist has a proper understanding of the function and movement disorders that originated due to any problem in the nervous or neuromuscular system of the body. They work alongside the patient and his family to improve coordination, muscle tone, balance, and movement. They create a specific and customized plan for each patient depending on the stroke and the area of the brain that is affected.

A neuro therapist has experience working with patients having neurological disabilities and knows how to rehabilitate them and improve their condition. He also provides assistance in pain management which a patient usually experiences after a stroke.

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An excellent Neurophysiotherapist will talk to the patient, or the family of the patient, and will understand the goals and what sort of results they want to achieve. After having a stroke, the goal of the patient differs from being able to sit safely and independently to being able to shower, feed, and walk on their own. The neuro physiotherapist discusses the treatment plan and tells his patients about the results of Neurotherapy that are achievable in their case.

The Benefits of Neuro Physiotherapy for Stroke Patients

Every stroke survivor is different. The condition they face depends upon the part of the brain which is injured so the results of neuro physiotherapy are different for different patients. Mentioned below are some of the improvements that a stroke patient may show after receiving regular neuro physiotherapy sessions.

  • Prominent reduction in shoulder pain
  • Decreased muscle weakness
  • Improved balance and coordination of the body
  • The patient is able to walk better
  • Reduced fatigue
  • Improvements in hand and arm function and other motor skills
  • Better sensations and improved overall awareness of the surroundings
  • Increased muscle strength

These are the most common results shown by stroke survivors after neuro physiotherapy sessions. Keep in mind that the improvements shown by the patients also depend upon the quality of neuro physiotherapy given to them. It is best that you search for the best stroke rehabilitation centers in your area and only choose the best neurotherapist. If you are anywhere closer to Dubai, you must visit Osteopathic Health Center.

Stroke Rehabilitation

A stroke patient should be given personalized neuro therapy that aligns with his condition and goals. The patient or his family should properly communicate with the therapist regarding the possibilities of the treatment. It is important to keep in mind that after a stroke, there is very little chance that the patient will go back to a 100% healthy state.

A good neuro therapist will try his best to achieve maximum positive results. Depending upon the type of brain area affected, there are some cases when the patient or his family only wants the stroke survivor to do basic tasks on their own like eating, sitting, walking, or using the loo. A good neuro physiotherapist will examine and discuss all the possibilities and will do his best to achieve the desired results.

Getting a well-qualified and expert neuro therapist is very important for effective therapy. Although there are various rehabilitation centers for stroke, not all of them cater to the patient’s properly. At the Osteopathic Health Center, we make sure to understand the patient’s goal and work towards it.