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Is It a Headache to Breathe?

The Link between a Tight Diaphragm and Headaches – Why do I Experience Headache when Breathing? Written by: Zarmeena Gull (Senior Osteopath at OHC) Diaphragm – This little muscle is a superstar when it comes to breathing. It’s like the Beyoncé of respiration – it’s always there, doing its thing, and making sure you stay […]

The Connection Between Vertigo and TMJ

Written by: Zarmeena Gull (Senior Osteopath at OHC) What is TMJ? The temporomandibular joint connects the jaw to the skull on either side of the face. When it functions incorrectly, it can lead to an array of complications, including: What is Vertigo and How is it Connected to TMJ Condition? Vertigo is described as a […]

Osteopathy is Not Just About Cracking & Manipulation

We asked osteopath Youssef Youssef about his treatment approach. “I follow the five principles of osteopathic treatment when treating patients. There is no particular order for using the five 5 principles of Osteopathy however, they always apply to all patients: (pain in pregnancy, sports injuries, low back pain, headaches, TMJ pain and clicking jaw, neck […]

The Elephant Club: TMD, Bell’s Palsy and Cervicogenic headaches

Elephant Club Tuesday 26th February 2019.  Focus: TMD, Bell’s Palsy and Cervicogenic headaches  Participants to this meeting were invited to attend.  The meeting took place at the Osteopathic health Centre from 7:00pm to 9:00pm.  There were several practitioners present including osteopaths, a homeopath/ health coach, a TCM practitioner and a psychologist/ exercise physiologist. each giving their own […]

2nd Emirates Osteopathic Conference

The Emirates Osteopathic Society, The Osteopathic International Alliance and COME Collaboration Onlus successfully concluded the 2nd Emirates Osteopathic Conference in Dubai, UAE. More than 100 healthcare practitioners participated in this event, representing 25 countries: Australia, Bahrain, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Egypt, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Kenya, Kuwait, New Zealand, Norway, Pakistan, Portugal, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Spain, […]

Offer: Are you a Cabin Crew by profession?

Here’s a special reward for all your care and hard work. Get 50% off on treatment/rehabilitation services at OHC from 1st July-30th September 2018. To book a session, call us: 04 423 20 96 or 04 348 73 66 Terms & Conditions: Offer valid on all days (Saturday-Thursday) and at both branches (Umm Suqeim and […]

Osteopathy in the Field of Neonatology

The Foundation COME Collaboration Onlus – a non-for-profit research foundation based in Italy – delivered a very successful course on Osteopathy in the Field of Neonatology in partnership with Mediclinic City Hospital. The course was held at the Mediclinic City Hospital on 17-18 March 2018. It introduced osteopaths, neonatologists, physiotherapists and nurses working in the field of […]

Bumps & Babes Coffee Morning

Osteopath Paul Bell joined the monthly Bumps & Babes Coffee Morning hosted by Love Parenting UAE on 28th March. He spoke to new mums and pregnant mamas about pre- and postnatal care, and feeding/latching problems in newborn babies, and how osteopathy can help them.

Upcoming event by Love Parenting UAE

Osteopath Paul Bell will be giving a talk at Love Parenting UAE’s monthly coffee morning on 28th March 2018. These coffee mornings provide new mothers and pregnant women with a regular, positive and supportive space for them to meet other mothers and to ask questions on pregnancy, birth, babies and beyond. To learn more, please […]

Give a new mum and her baby the gift of health

To celebrate International Women’s Day and Mother’s Day in March, we have launched a few gift packages, valid at our Umm Suqeim and Dubai Healthcare City branch. We would like to encourage new mums to take care of their health so these packages can also be availed after March. Call us or send an email on info@ for […]

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