April 3, 2018

The Foundation COME Collaboration Onlus – a non-for-profit research foundation based in Italy – delivered a very successful course on Osteopathy in the Field of Neonatology in partnership with Mediclinic City Hospital.

The course was held at the Mediclinic City Hospital on 17-18 March 2018. It introduced osteopaths, neonatologists, physiotherapists and nurses working in the field of neonatology to the osteopathic approach to evaluation and care of preterm infants in the neonatal intensive care unit setting. This course marked the first stage of the implementation of the COME Collaboration NE-O (Neonatology and Osteopathy) project in neonatal intensive care units in the UAE.

The NE-O project aims to produce compelling evidence on the short-, medium-, and long- term biological, neurological and health-related effects of osteopathic treatment on preterm infants. The project has so far been successfully implemented in 25 public hospitals in Italy, 2 hospitals in Spain and 5 hospitals in Canada. COME Collaboration is now developing strategic partnerships with hospitals in the UAE that will enable them to implement the NE-O project in the country and therefore contribute to improvements in the quality of life of preterm babies.

For more information about COME Collaboration, please visit their website and if you are interested in knowing more about the NE-O project, learn more here.