April 11, 2018

Dr Katherine Kulp has worked as a physio for over 7 years in the US and UAE, and has recently joined our team in Umm Suqeim.

She briefly discusses what patients can expect while pursuing treatment with her:

“As an orthopaedic manual physical therapist, I strive to offer a comprehensive approach to minimising pain and optimising function. This approach requires thorough evaluation to accurately diagnose the issue and guide targeted, evidence informed treatment.

Collaborating with the patient, I develop an individualised plan of care to alleviate pain and return to function, whether playing with a child or competing in a triathlon. Through the treatment process, I teach my patients strategies to actively manage their particular issue, and ultimately understand how to better support the health of their body.

I enjoy working with my patients to solve a chronic issue, such as recurrent neck or back pain, or an overuse injury that never quite resolved. In these cases, I work with the patient to discover the root (or in many cases, roots) of the dysfunction that continue to perpetuate the pain cycle, which often lie far from the pain.

Treatment is dynamic in nature, and is constantly evolving based on patient response to the intervention. I utilise many techniques within a single session to achieve a targeted outcome. These include: joint mobilisation and manipulation, soft tissue mobilisation, neurodynamic mobilisation, trigger point dry needling to visceral mobilisation. These mechanical treatments are reinforced with active neuromuscular and/or motor control exercise, to get patients back to doing what they want to do!”

To learn more about Katherine, please visit her profile. To book a session, click here.