September 5, 2022

What is hydrotherapy?

Hydrotherapy is a combination of therapeutic exercise and specific physiotherapy techniques carried out
in a warm water pool. It’s a valuable treatment modality for musculoskeletal and neurorehabilitation. It
helps to achieve therapeutic gains that may be too difficult for the patient to attain through land-based

The benefits of hydrotherapy

Hydrotherapy can be used in many different ways. Its main goals are to:
Increase strength and endurance
Improve range of movement of joints
Re-educate normal movement like walking
Reduce pain and swelling
Improve cardiovascular functioning
Enhance blood circulation and lymphatic drainage
Improve balance and coordination
Reduce muscle spasticity
Take pressure off joints
Relax tense muscles
Reduce stress and anxiety
Faster recovery from surgery
The buoyancy, pressure and warm temperature of the water all help to achieve best possible
therapeutic outcomes. The support of the water creates an environment where movement is more
effective and safer.

What conditions can be treated through hydrotherapy

A variety of physical conditions can benefit from hydrotherapy:
Musculoskeletal Injuries
Whether age or sport related, hydrotherapy helps to improve function after musculoskeletal injuries.
Typical conditions include: ankle sprains, muscle tears and limb fractures.

Neurological impairments

For people with neurological impairments hydrotherapy can enable movement, that is not possible
outside the water. It provides a sense of independence and achievement and eliminates anxiety and fear
of falling which in return helps relaxation and flexibility.
Common neurological conditions include: Multiple Sclerosis, stroke, Parkinson’s Disease, traumatic brain
injury, Guillain-Barré syndrome, ALS

Chronic Pain

Hydrotherapy helps to reduce pain by promoting normal movement, increasing muscle length, and
increasing muscle strength and control.
Conditions that may benefit include: fibromyalgia , back pain, rheumatic pain, headaches, arthritis

Cardiovascular / Pulmonary Conditions

Hydrotherapy is often used to enhance muscular and cardiopulmonary endurance in the elderly.
Furthermore, it’s a valuable tool for rehabilitation after a myocardial infraction or respiratory disease.


Hydrotherapy is used to fasten the recovery of patients following a surgery. Especially if the surgery
results in decreased mobility and/or unable to weight-bear fully. Being in warm water can help to ease
pain and the pressure of the water has a positive effect on swelling. Furthermore, the water provides
resistance which helps to strengthen muscles that have been weakened through surgery.
Examples of surgeries include: spinal surgery, anterior cruciate ligament surgery , total or partial
replacement of lower limb joints, ligament repair, surgery for fractures, muscle strengthening after all
types of surgery


Hydrotherapy is a great intervention to treat children with neurological and musculoskeletal conditions
or after a surgery . Conditions that may benefit from hydrotherapy include: Rett syndrome , cerebral
palsy , spina bifida and infantile spinal muscular atrophy.

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