May 25, 2017

The holy month of Ramadan, whether you are fasting or not, is a great time to cleanse and regenerate the body.

If you are fasting it is a nice opportunity to celebrate healthy food for Iftar and Suhoor that will cleanse and nourish you to feel sustained yet light and refreshed.

Take the chance during Ramadan to fine tune your nutrition and integrate cleansing foods that support the body detoxifying and eliminating unwanted substances such as toxins from environmental pollution, residual chemicals/pesticides/fertilizer in food or water and metabolic waste products that may be difficult to expel.

Detoxification and healthy nutrition that provides you with vital foods:

  • helps restore your energy levels and nutrient stores;
  • improves nutrient availability and absorption into the body’s cells;
  • enhances nutritional status;
  • supports healthy and long lasting weight management;
  • promotes ridding of unwanted eating habits;
  • improves your metabolism;
  • balances your hormone levels; and
  • cleanses, regenerates, rejuvenates and refreshes.

Consultations to assess the best kind of detox and support your individual nutritional requirements can be any time before or during Ramadan. Use the Ramadan Special Offer during this month and get 30% off your first consultation with our homeopath Tina Krombach. To book a session, please call 043487366 or visit this link.