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Joseph Maynard: How to use a foam roller (Video by 7Days)

Published on 7Days UAE By Caitlyn Davey You might have heard fitness bunnies raving about foam rollers recently – perhaps you’ve seen more people using them lately. This fitness aid has been a staple of physiotherapists for a while, but are now becoming more widely used by individuals who have seen the benefits. But do […]

Osteopath Youssef Youssef on Dubai Eye 103.8 (Dubai Today – Eye on Health)

Listen to Osteopath Youssef Youssef’s interview here.

Nutrition and Manual Therapy

In conversation with Esther Martinez, Osteopath/Physiotherapist at the Osteopathic Health Centre  How do you use a nutritional approach to treat patients? We tend to relate nutrition to weight issues or digestive problems but the truth is that what we eat affects every single aspect of our health. Tendonitis, back pain, plantar fasciitis, frozen shoulder, sciatica, […]

Homeopath Dr Vaneeta recognised as Professional Achiever of the Year

Our warmest congratulations to our homeopath‬ Dr Vaneeta Shahani, who recently received an award for Professional Achiever of the Year at Masala Awards 2015. This comes as a result of her hard work and dedication. Dr Vaneeta has over 25 years of experience with homeopathy.‪ If anyone deserves an award, it is Dr Vaneeta. Her […]

Committed to your health and fitness!

The Osteopathic Health Centre participated in Etisalat Fitness Fest, held in Dubai from 5th to 7th November. During the event, OHC physiotherapist Joseph Maynard and osteopaths Aziza Zubeidi and Youssef Youssef offered free consultations to the growing fitness community of Dubai.

Networking Meeting for Healthcare Practitioners in Dubai

17th August, 2015: A group of healthcare practitioners from the Osteopathic Health Centre, Charl Stenger (Manager Mediclinic, Orthotic Prosthetic Services) and Omar Martinez (Head Coach, Go Strong) gathered on Monday evening at The Change Initiative to discuss ‎musculoskeletal‬ issues, sports injuries and ‪rehabilitation‬‬. This meeting was the first gathering of what is to become a […]

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