March 21, 2022

While walking or playing a sport, your ankle suddenly rolls inwards, and you feel excruciating pain, shortly afterwards, your ankle swells up. You start limping for a few weeks, the pain gradually disappears, and you think everything is back to normal. Sadly, “normal” might not be the case. 

Around 20% of acute ankle sprains turn into chronic ankle instability, due to the damage to the motion sensors within the ligaments, and the subsequent strength deficits.

Here are some examples of exercises from our multiple programs: 

1. Swiss ball kneel


2.Single leg stands on balance boards. 


3. Single leg deadlifts. 


4. Jump and one leg land.

5. Single leg sit-backs.


Our team of specialists at Osteopathic Health Centre urges people who have sprained their ankles in the past or looking to prevent ankle injuries in the first place to get an assessment of ankle strength, balance, stability, and tissue integrity, through standardized tests that are tailored for various goals and needs.

Reach out to us at OHC for ankle screening and rehabilitation programs.