September 4, 2017

As the travelling season comes to an end and most of us are back in town, maybe you realize that enjoying the local cuisine, wherever you have been during summers, can easily turn into the habit of overeating!

Overeating, late night meals and food sensitivities can make the mind and body go numb and leave you feeling drained. Food and digestion processes influence the body’s pH level. When the pH level is out of its optimal balance, the nervous system does not function properly which can affect your mind and mood.

Next month will be dedicated to getting back into shape and settling into a good (work) routine. Even better if you plan to integrate some health-conscious exercises and stress prevention techniques.

It is also a good time for a food plan that avoids empty calories but provides you with an abundance of nutrients while promoting a healthy metabolism. If you are tired of feeling full and heavy after your meals – want to avoid running on low energy levels and need to lift some brain fog – get some health advice and let your lifestyle choices improve your well-being. It often only requires some small tweaks to your everyday routine to improve your health and prevent disease.

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