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Dr. Parviz Rashvand

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Dr. Parviz Rashvand



Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine, UAE Certified Naturopathic Doctor, Ph.D Quantum and Integrative Medicine
Language: English, Arabic

Dr Parviz can treat: 

  • Autism, Hyperactivity and ADHD, ADD
  • Gastrointestinal problems in children (infants and babies) including digestive disorders (stomach pain, IBS, and bow-el diseases such as Crohn’s and Celiac)
  • Food Allergies (Sensitivities and Intolerances), eczema, hives, and skin eruptions
  • Learning Disabilities
  • Eczema (children and adults), recurrent, itching and other skin problems
  • Metabolic disorders such as diabetes and Hyperlipidemia (i.e. chronic High Cholesterol)
  • General and chronic conditions in geriatrics
  • PMS, menopause, and hormonal imbalances, endometriosis, ovarian cysts, polycystic diseases of the breast and infertility (both men and women)
  • Diet, detoxification, stress management, anti-aging, fa-tigue and lack of energy, emotional disharmonies
  • Chronic pain (joints, muscles and bones, back, neck, oste-oporosis, arthritis, dysmenorrhea, migraine, chronic stom-ach pain, emotional pain, etc.)
  • Sleep disorders
  • Chronic muscle Stiffness, degenerated inter-vertebral discs
  • Weight management (obesity, Bulimia and Anorexia) as well as local adiposit

As a Naturopathic/ Complementary Medical practitioner in an integrative medical clinic, I am offering a holistic view of patient care based on the philosophy of Naturopathic Medicine in pre-vention and improvement of health which covers treatment of diseases and other health abnormalities as well. 

In my clinical practice, my focus is mainly on the discovery and addressing the roots of the disease, rather than just working on the symptom. The ultimate goal of my treatments, therefore, is to re-establish the state of balance. 

Health is the State of Balance! Hence in my work, I incorporate the body/ emotion/ mind and spirit approach while considering the quality of lifestyle, thoughts, habits, beliefs, and so on in the client

In another words, my medical practice is based on improving the ability of the clients to adjust with the rapid changes in life and the environment. For this reason, in my testing and evaluations, I look for signs and symptoms of toxicity, allergies/ sensitivities and intolerances, immune system weakness and imbalances (subtle presence of active microbes within the body), digestive system obstacles, elements of stress (at any level) and so on which could mainly result in health abnormalities such as chronic & degenera-tive diseases and cognitive disorders. 

My practice is incorporated with the work of highly talented sci-entists from different parts of the world who share the similar ap-proach to health and vitality. To gain information about a client’s condition, I use Quantum diagnostic techniques, a methodology based on Quantum Mechanics for energetic evaluation of human body’s energetic parameters (at all the levels of vital, mental, spir-itual and the bliss, in addition to the physical realm) to unravel the unknowns! This is regardless of distance or time!

We honor insurance coverage through pay and claim, call us at 04 348 7366 for more information


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