Home Health Services

We offer home health support for patients who are housebound. Our goal is to improve the quality of life for patients using a multidisciplinary approach. We believe that every small success can contribute towards improving a patient’s quality of life.

Our Services

Home health doctors services provided by Osteopathic Health Centre Dubai

Doctors Services

Comprehensive management of acute and long term medical conditions ∙ Child health services ∙ Elderly care ∙ Pain management ∙ Laboratory investigations ∙ Nutrition management ∙ Home prescribing and delivery service ∙ Education and counseling

Nurses Services

Intramuscular, subcutaneous, intravenous medication administration ∙ Wound management and dressings ∙ Falls risk management ∙ Education Counselling to caregivers ∙ Phlebotomy

Physiotherapy Services

Neurological rehabilitation ∙ Neuro developmental rehabilitation ∙ Cardiac/stroke rehabilitation ∙ Lung Rehabilitation ∙ Stress management and breathing techniques ∙ Wheelchair assessment & training ∙ Strength conditioning training ∙ Functional strength and cardiorespiratory training ∙ Gait rehabilitation ∙ Task orientated training of activities of daily living Co-ordination and balance training ∙ Dizziness and vertigo treatment Geriatric physiotherapy ∙ Paediatric physiotherapy ∙ Pre & Post-operative rehabilitation ∙ Manual lymphatic drainage