How is physiotherapy treatment provided?

Our physiotherapist at OHC will carry out a complex assessment on the child to establish the level and frequency of therapy intervention needed, if not recommended otherwise by referring physician. Should he identify any delay or functional impairments as a result of child’s condition, the physiotherapist will establish a physiotherapy plan. He will work closely with the parents and they will carry out the treatment together at OHC and at home. Therapy program recommended is intended to facilitate normal movement patterns, to minimize movement dysfunctions, to prevent or decrease muscle tightness, facilitate muscle strength, reduce severity of deformities and to improve postural control. Home exercise program is created in collaboration with the physiotherapist in order to intensify treatment process. Currently, our therapist is trained in Vojta Reflex Locomotion Therapy, NDT-Bobath (Neuro-Developmental therapy), Prechtl’s method of qualitative assessment of general movements and hydrotherapy. However, treatment may also comprise elements of Klapp’s or Schroth’s method and PNF if required by medical condition.

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