Testimonials: Osteopathy

Syed Mujtaba Hussain / Slipped (Herniated) Disk

Malcolm Gregory – Senior Osteopath / Injury Management

I have been treated by Greg off and on for more than 30 years. I sail a lot, and am always injuring myself. So it’s good to know and trust someone for such a long time.

We usually have a good laugh during the treatment and I always feel better after I leave. Thanks Greg.


Youssef Youssef – Osteopath / Back Pain

Just want to say thank you to Youssef Youssef for helping me out with my back and leg problem. I had a really bad few weeks due to pain and thought I would have to adjust my lifestyle but I feel amazing after my osteopathy session. You worked a miracle, so thank you so much!

– J F

Testimonials: Osteopathy and Physiotherapy

OHC / Geriatrics


I was in the army and I came this way about half way through the war… Dubai was a small place then. There was a small military place by the airport; that was really about all there was! Otherwise it was quite a small town. I’m not sure if your operationwas going but I do know your owner, Greg, he was here about that time too I think or at least shortly after and we got to know each other quite well, because there were so few people and we met very often at different places. I’ve not been well the whole time I have been here but I’ve been happy being in this place (OHC) and the care I’ve received has been very good… I’m just hoping we get over this before too long.

93-year old George Edward Chapman has been living in Dubai since the 1950s; a witness to the tremendous growth in this country and also a valued part of our 30-year journey at the Osteopathic Health Centre. Our team remains dedicated to providing him with excellent care and wishes him good health!

Katherine Kulp – Physiotherapist & Dr Priyanka Sainani – Wellness Coach / Posture & Healthy Eating

Thank you to the OHC team.

With age, I had accepted the changes in my posture. Even though I did not gain weight, my tummy began to stick out and my shoulders looked rounded. I thought it was normal.

I was surprised to be told by Dr Katherine at the OHC that my posture could change. After my third session with her, I had to adjust the rear view mirror in my car! I had grown taller! She also gave me some great tips on how to prevent osteoporosis. Every time I go to that clinic I learn something new.

Dr Priyanka has helped me with making dietary changes, and I feel the best I have felt in a long time. Great team!

– JG Dubai

Esther Martinez, Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy / Sleeping Problems

Thank you to Esther at the OHC. My baby sleeps no longer wakes me during the night.
I don’t understand the work you did but he is so much calmer and is feeding well too.
– Rested Mama

Malcolm Gregory – Senior Osteopath & Joseph Maynard – Physiotherapist / Sports Injuries

I hurt my neck during a weight lifting session at the gym. I went to the osteopathic clinic, and was treated by Greg. It took almost 10 days and three sessions to be pain free.
I was nervous about lifting weights again, but OHC physiotherapist Joseph showed me the correct way to lift weights for the same exercise that had caused the injury.
– AZ

Mariam Mohyeddin – Physiotherapist & Aziza Zubeidi – Osteopath / Back Pain 

I have been attending Somatics classes at the OHC.

I have had back problems for years and recently started to get treatment from osteopath Aziza at the OHC. This was very helpful for me. She suggested that I try the Somatics exercise classes at the clinic.

I was nervous, as I have been suffering for so long and did not want to risk triggering pain again.

I am amazed how these simple gentle exercises have helped me to be pain free. I even do them at home.

I will have my 70th birthday this week, and the best gift I have received is the tools to become pain free.

I threw away my tablets. Very grateful.

S. Q.

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