December 7, 2022

Cranial Osteopathy helps eliminate any restrictions in the flow of cerebrospinal fluid and increases the activity in the parasympathetic nervous system. In return, emotional challenges and physical symptoms are soothed. This therapy can be of benefit to autistic or hyper stimulated children.   

Cranial Osteopathy is basically a manual therapy that helps in obtaining better physical and mental health via gently touching the head, neck, and spine. The person getting the treatment lies down and the therapist performs a series of gentle and gradual manipulations in order to promote muscular release. The purpose is to tune into the craniosacral rhythms of the patient’s body. These pressure manipulations result in better circulation and improve the flow of cerebrospinal fluid. This fluid provides cushioning and insulation to the brain and spinal cord and helps in removing toxins. This whole experience helps autistic kids to release tension and stress and be at ease with their minds and body. 

The Benefits of Cranial Osteopathy to Children with Autism

Cranial Osteopathy promotes Relaxation

Many children with autism suffer from tension in their muscles. Craniosacral osteopathy can be used to relieve any muscular tension as it helps the patient to slow down emotionally, physically, and mentally. Parents have reported that their children are calmer after a session.  

Cranial Osteopathy releases good Bonding Hormones

As it is a hands-on type of therapy it releases huge levels of oxytocin in the recipient’s body. This hormone is released due to extended periods of skin-to-skin contact and makes the person feel good.  

Due to various physical challenges and discomforts, autistic children produce much less oxytocin resulting in feeling isolated, disconnected, and depressed. During a session of craniosacral osteopathy, the therapist uses gentle pressure on the head, neck, and spine, easing discomfort. The oxytocin released produces feelings of being connected and relaxed.  

Cranial Osteopathy provides an experience of Meditation

Meditation and yoga practices can help some autistic children. These practices decrease anxiety and tension by calming not only the body but the mind too. The same is the case with cranial osteopathy as it soothes the body and relaxes the mind. Osteopathy takes place in a quiet and peaceful environment; the recipient feels more at ease and in control of their action and mood.  

School can be challenging for an autistic child as crowded, noisy places create sensory overload. If a child show signs of being overwhelmed they might display frustration and inexplicable bursts of anger. In situations where the child is overwhelmed a therapeutic and relaxing cranial session can calm the overstimulated nervous system. of such therapies to ease their minds. This is why cranial osteopathy is among the most recommended autism treatments for kids. 

Cranial Osteopathy builds trust and good relations with therapists

Children with autism have huge social anxiety. They don’t interact much with others in a gathering and feel shy. By regularly getting cranial osteopathy sessions, the patient is likely to develop a trust relationship with their therapist. There are many examples in which kids started to enjoy and looked forward to their cranial osteopathy sessions. They considered the sessions as a time of physical and mental relief from the outside world. This sort of relationship with the therapist also helps children feel more confident in other gatherings and social situations.  

These are just a few points of how cranial osteopathy helps kids with autism. In reality, Autism Spectrum Disorder is such a huge term and each autistic child is different. They show different signs and have different needs. That is why at Osteopathic Health Centre Dubai, the therapists are trained to cater to each child differently and provide customized treatment sessions. They get to talk to the parents and know more about the child before officially beginning the osteopathy treatment.  

How Can We Help?

At Osteopathic Health Centre, we aim to improve the life of children with autism. While autism is not permanently cured by cranial osteopathy, symptoms of stress and overwhelm can be alleviated. Our osteopaths can advise on how many sessions are required, as there are no two children alike and their needs differ. Some children benefit from coming once a month, while others benefit from weekly treatments. We have experienced practitioners that are specialists in their field. We assure you that with us, your children are in safe hands, and will receive the best possible treatment. 

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