February 14, 2016

A natural, gentle and safe way to end chronic pain, relieve stress and restore freedom of movement

Date: 1 -2 April 2016

Fee: AED 2,000/-

Venue: To be confirmed

This workshop, conducted by Brian Siddharta Ingle, is based on The Feldenkraise Method and Tom Hanna’s Somatics. In this training you will learn how to teach somatic movement lessons to patients in order to help them come out of chronic pain and long-term postural holding patterns.

In this 2-day course you will learn:
• Somatic philosophy and history of Somatic Education
• Functional anatomy and neurophysiology as it applies to Hanna Somatics
• What “sensory motor amnesia” is, how it occurs in the brain and central nervous
system, and why it is the cause of most chronic muscular pain
• How all humans respond reflexively to stress within three full body reflexes
• Assessment – how to recognize the three somatic reflex patterns
• The difference between stretching and “pandiculation”, the technique used to restore voluntary sensory and motor control of muscles
• Thomas Hanna’s eight Myth of Ageing movement lessons
Yoga and Pilates practitioners/teachers are also welcome to join.

For any queries and registration, email: events@