September 21, 2016

Dubai, 19 September, 2016: The Elephant Club hosted its 14th event during which healthcare practitioners discussed the different approaches to injury prevention and management.

Participants included: Anil Daniel Prasad (Physiotherapist, Osteopathic Health Centre), Milos Rankovic (Personal Trainer, Results Fitness), Nuno Goncalves (Osteopath), Nargis Raza (Managing Partner, Osteopathic Health Centre), Paul Cheung (Dr of Chiropractic, Up and Running Dubai), Saifudeen (General Manager, Stryder Health Solutions), Taif Delamie (Head of Strength and Conditioning, Up and Running Dubai), Tina Krombach (Naturopath, Osteopathic Health Centre), William D. Murrell (Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon) and Youssef Youssef (Osteopath, Osteopathic Health Centre).

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