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Metabolic Health Programmed

Metabolic Health Programmed

A Programme to Improve your Metabolic Health

Metabolic complications such as weight gain, prediabetes, PCOS, metabolic syndrome and type 2 diabetes are among the fastest growing health problems in our society. It is estimated that over 20% of adults worldwide have metabolic syndrome, which is defined as a collection of the following risk factors:

Increased body fat around the waist

High triglycerides
Low HDL cholesterol
High blood pressure
High fasting blood glucose

Some of the most common signs and symptoms of metabolic impairment are:

Feeling sleepy after meals
Joint pain
Craving for carbohydrates and snacks
High blood sugar
Lack of concentration or inability to focus
Increased hunger
Struggling to lose weight
Nausea, headache, and anxiety that disappear after taking a meal
An expanding waistline
Increased appetite
Irregular menstrual cycle, specifically skipping months
A history of polycystic ovarian disease.

Conventional medicine can medicate the symptoms of poor metabolic health, however, lifestyle medicine addresses the root cause!

During this 8 week transformation, you will be attentively guided through the most effective and simple lifestyle interventions to significantly improve your metabolic health. We will measure and track objective markers of your metabolic health from start to finish. We will also provide you with a biofeedback device to help you see the impact of your lifestyle choices in real time.

By the end of the 8 week you will both feel and see improvements in your overall health. You will also have gained the experience to help transform and protect the health of yourself and your family.

During the 8 weeks you can expect to experience:

✅ Improved body composition

✅ Improved energy levels

✅ Reduced cravings

✅ Improved glycemic control

What the Programme Includes

The Metabolic Mastery Programme integrates conventional and lifestyle medicine, with behavioural science to empower each participant with the experience, knowledge and skills to transform their health in a flexible and sustainable way.

The quality of our lives is a result of our compounded habits, so we will help you establish the habits and behaviours that will become normal components of your day to day life.

Here is a summarized itinerary of the Metabolic Mastery Programme.

Summary of Program Itinerary (1st Draft)

Pre Programme InformationSubjective Medical Symptoms Questionnaire
1 Week Food Diary
Goals Questionnaire
Week 1Doctor Consultation 1 (45 mins): Review of Main Complaints / Medical History / Nutrition Oriented Physical Examination / initial Lab Tests:
F. insulin
Lipid profile

Naturopathic Consultation 1 (45 mins): Nutrition & Lifestyle Principles/ Diet Diary Appraisal / Physical Assessment
Materials Provided: Goals Q / Habit Tracker
Action Steps: Create Personal Statement / Feedback on chosen Nutrition Principles / Begin Habit Tracker.
Week 2Doctor Consultation 2: Review Lab Results, Revision of treatment based on Lab findings / Finalizing Nutritional Plan / (nutraceuticals) and pharmacological treatment
Naturopathic Consultation 2: Progress Check-In & Feedback / Physical Activity strategies (step count/exercise etc.)
Materials Provided: Tips for > PA / Morning Routine Advice
Action Steps: Habit Tracker / Refine CGM response, Introduce PA
Week 3Naturopathic Consultation 3: Progress Check-In & Feedback / Discuss Mindset & Habits / Stress Resilience / Sleep Hygiene.
Materials Provided: Stress Resilience / Sleep Hygiene Motivational Multimedia
Action Steps: Habit Tracker / Optimise CGM responses
Week 4Progress Check-in & Feedback: Mind-Body Interventions (optional)
Materials Provided: Habit Resources / Motivational Multimedia
Action Steps: Modifying Responses to Stress & Possible Eating Triggers
Week 5Consolidation
Week 6Naturopathic Consultation 4: Progress Check-in & Feedback / PA / Manual Treatment (optional)  
Materials Provided (optional) Fasting/IF/ Motivational Multimedia 
Action Steps: TRF/ IF/Fasting/ Habit Tracker/ Identify most enjoyable/sustainable habits.  
Week 7Consolidation 
2nd round of Lab Tests 
Week 8Doctor Consultation 3 (45 mins): Reviewing objective/subjective Results / Recommendations on further treatment plan- pharmacological, nutraceutical. 
Naturopathic Consultation 6: Feedback  
Action Steps: Continue with Personal Plan/ Join Community (optional) 

The Value

At the OHC, our passion to help see people thrive, really drives our success. For this reason we are offering a significant introductory/ Ramadan discount for the full programme.  

This offer will end on……. , so if you feel as though this programme is for you, don’t delay, book your place on our first programme today! 

InterventionCost (AED)Total (AED)
FBS40 x 280
F. Insulin 280 x 2560
HbA1c 200 x 1200
Lipid Profile260 x 2520
Continuous Glucose Monitor 300 x 1300
Dr Consultations 550 x 31,650
Health Coach sessions 550 x 32,750

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