December 12, 2018

This is a monthly networking event for healthcare practitioners working in the UAE.

It was inspired by a teaching story from India: six blind men had heard about an elephant but wanted to experience for themselves what the elephant was.

Each man felt a different part of the elephant and came to his own conclusion. The man holding and pulling the elephant’s tail thought it was a rope. One man held the elephant’s leg and likened it to a tree trunk. Another leaned against the elephant’s side and thought it was like a wall. Yet another likened the ears to the leaves of a banana tree. The man handling the elephant’s trunk leapt back in fear, claiming the elephant felt like a serpent. All the men had a perspective of the whole elephant, but the elephant as you know is the sum of all those parts.

Likewise, in healthcare, each practitioner has their own perspective on a particular condition, but there are other perspectives that may assist the patient’s healing process. How can we know unless we meet other practitioners and learn about the scope of their work?

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