Neurorehabilitation helps patients maintain and improve their functional abilities to become physically and mentally more active. We aim to maximize independence and optimize quality of life. Lost functions can be relearned and gains in strength, endurance, balance and skill can be achieved by intensive personalized training.

Our Services

Neurological Rehabilitation at Osteopathic Health Centre Dubai

Neurological Rehabilitation

Neurological rehabilitation focuses on assessing and treating people with movement disorders that have resulted from injury or disease to the brain, spinal cord or extremities of the body

Neuro Developmental Rehabilitation

A hands‐on, client‐centered approach to improve gross motor function, posture and functional abilities in children and adults with neurological problems.
Neuro Developmental Rehabilitation

Stroke Rehabilitation

Helps you relearn lost skills and slows down physical deterioration, increases independence and quality of life by increasing your ability with everyday tasks

Lung Rehabilitation Chest Physiotherapy

Physical exercise, patient education and breathing optimization designed for people with respiratory disease such as COPD to improve their physical and psychological condition and to promote a better quality of life

Stress Management and Breathing Techniques

Addressing lifestyle changes, preventing stress by introducing self-care and relaxation and managing stressful situations with the help of specific breathing techniques

Wheelchair Assessment and Training

Optimizing the postural support and comfort of a wheelchair. Helping with handling your wheelchair in everyday situations to gain more independence
Wheelchair assessment and training at Osteopathic Health Centre Dubai

Functional Strength and Cardiorespiratory Training

Helping perform activities in everyday life more easily by enhancing endurance/stamina and task-oriented strengthening training.

Gait Rehabilitation

Optimizing walking performance in neurological impaired individuals by improving strength, balance and coordination.

Task Orientated Training of Activities of Daily Living

Practicing real-life tasks such as stair climbing or getting in and out of the car. Making activities of everyday life more easy by enhancing endurance/stamina and task-oriented strengthening training.

Co-ordination and Balance Training

Enhancing stability, mobility, and flexibility to make the performance of daily tasks like walking easier and safer.

Dizziness and Vertigo Treatment

Assessing the cause of vertigo and addressing it with specific treatments and exercises to improve balance and activities of daily living.

Geriatric Physiotherapy

Addressing an extensive range of health conditions concerning people of older age. The main focus mostly being on fall-prevention, regaining and maintaining strength, mobility, stability and physical-endurance to improve independence and quality of life.
Geriatric physiotherapy at Osteopathic Health Centre Dubai

Paediatric Physiotherapy

Offering early intervention for children who may have neurological, respiratory, developmental, musculoskeletal or other conditions.