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Bachelor of Science in Human Movement Sciences (Kinesiology) – North-West University Potchefstroom, South Africa
Diploma in Massage Therapy – CIBTAC, Gloucester, United Kingdom
NeuroKinetic Therapy – David Weinstock
Certified Functional Strength Coach – Mike Boyle
Functional Movement Screen – Functional Movement Systems
Certified Kettlebell Teacher – International Kettlebell and Fitness Federation
Completed the Summer Sports Performance Internship at MBSC – Mike Boyle Strength & Conditioning
Primal Movement Chains – Stop Chasing Pain
Master Rehab Trainer – Rehab Trainer
TRX Sports Medicine Trainer – TRX Training
Muscle Activation – Douglas Heel

Language: English

Wills is specializes in:

  • NeuroKinetic Therapy
  • Personal Trainer
  • Strength and Conditioning coach
  • Back pain rehabilitation
  • Pre- and post surgery rehabilitation
  • Posture correction

With over twenty years of experience as a personal fitness trainer, Wills is deeply committed to enhancing individuals’ health and physical well-being. Constantly striving to improve, Wills actively attends workshops and seminars to expand his knowledge and expertise. His ultimate goal is to help clients achieve their desired results efficiently and effectively. In 2018, Wills completed his Master’s Degree in Applied Exercise Science.

Wills has a strong history of helping people from all walks of life. His passion lies in helping people suffering from pain. Still, he has vast experience working with a range of people, from deconditioned adults who want to lose weight or get back in shape to youth and professional athletes looking to improve performance or competition readiness.

Wills is the Middle East teacher and representative of Neurokinetic Therapy Seminars and conducts courses on a regular basis that attract allied healthcare professionals from across the region.


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