Hydrotherapy involves carrying out exercises and specific physiotherapy techniques in temperature controlled water. It is used for rehabilitation, recovery, training and conditioning and can help to relieve pain. You do not need to be able to swim to benefit from hydrotherapy. Our pool has three levels of depth to accommodate different needs. All our hydrotherapy sessions are run by qualified rehabilitation specialists and physiotherapists.

Our Services


Strength Conditioning

Strength conditioning improves the quality of movement and strength of individual body parts through specific exercises in the water.

Pre & Post Operative Rehabilitation

This form of rehabilitation consists of individual strengthening, mobility and cardiovascular training. It is performed before and after undergoing surgery and helps with faster recovery and positively effects pain and function. It is often used before and after knee or hip replacement.

Acute Pain Management

Carrying out active and passive movements in warm water increases circulation, which helps ease pain and loosens up stiff muscles and joints.