December 12, 2018

By Dr Priyanka Sainani

Headaches, or excruciating pain in the head, can be quite debilitating and result in poor quality of life. Taking the support of homeopathy or natural medications often helps treat the pain in the gentlest possible way.

Headaches are broadly classified as Cluster Headaches, Stress Headaches, Tension Headaches and Migraines. Homeopathic treatment can be helpful with acute management and preventive management of headaches.

In homeopathy, the factors which are taken into consideration for effective treatment are:

  • the character of the pain, e.g. throbbing, bursting type of pain;
  • the location, e.g. forehead, temples, back of the head;
  • associated complaints, such as poor appetite, nausea, bloating, giddiness and so on; and
  • underlying complaints, e.g. hypertension, sinusitis, insomnia, undue stress, previous trauma etc.

Other factors taken into account during the treatment are the typical causes or triggers for the headaches, such as heat, skipped meals, sleep cycle, swimming in the pool, etc.

The treatment involves a long case history, where the homeopath will spend time with you to understand your lifestyle, eating habits, stress levels and emotional health. As a part of the treatment plan you will get natural and safe homeopathic medicine along with the support of nutritional counselling to help you holistically.

Nutritional counselling would help improve your mindfulness towards your eating behaviour and food choices suitable to your given health conditions and add certain foods with therapeutic benefits to manage an underlying ailment.