January 15, 2016

Understanding the load distribution system

A practical workshop for functional trainers, movement professionals and all rehabilitation therapists

Presenter: Karin Locher

Date & Time: 3rd February, 6-8 pm

Cost: AED 250

Venue: Osteopathic Health Centre, Al Wasl Road, Umm Suqeim 2, Dubai, UAE

To reserve a seat and payment details, email: events@

This 2 hour workshop will demonstrate:

  • how to get involved with the efficiency of the body’s distribution system;
  • how load, force and strain are distributed by and through the fascial system, when they can be, and how pain and injury occurs when they cannot;
  • how information and communication are distributed for our automechano function, when it can be, how disorder and a sense of weakness occur when it cannot;
  • how there is no isolated event in the body; isolated event = isolated strain, prolonged isolated strain = injury; and
  • how when load, force and strain is evenly distributed, nobody ‘over strains’, and nobody injures.