January 19, 2016

Dubai, 18th January 2016:  After a break for the holiday season, the Elephant Club resumed its activities by hosting its 9th networking meeting – 1st meeting for 2016  – at Lime Tree Café.

We were overwhelmed with the response as eighteen healthcare practitioners joined us for the evening, including: Amy Vogelaar (Lactation Consultant / Antenatal and Parenting Educator, Love Parenting UAE), Anil Daniel Prasad (Physiotherapist, Osteopathic Health Centre), Asha Ann George (Ayurvedic Practitioner, Breath and Health), Cristina Mesquita (Osteopath, Osteopathic Health Centre), Esther Martinez (Osteopath/Physiotherapist, Osteopathic Health Centre), Gustavo R. Rydberg (Osteopathy Service Manager, Up and Running), Jocelyn Kope (Physiotherapist, Breath and Health), Karin Locher (Founder, Spatial Medicine), Malcolm Gregory (Osteopath, Osteopathic Health Centre), Martine Nates (Acupuncturist, Koster Clinic), Moira Macdonald (MLD Therapist, Osteopathic Health Centre), Nargis Raza (Managing Partner, Osteopathic Health Centre), Nicki Anderson (Occupational Therapist, Journey to Wholeness), Priyanka Banerjee (Homeopath), Renata Von Kouh (Physiotherapist, Osteopathic Health Centre), Shahida Siddiqui (CEO, Spa Dunya) Stephen Watts (Osteopath, Osteopathic Health Centre)and William D Murrell (Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon).

The next meeting is scheduled for 1st February for practitioners based in and around Mirdif. If you would like to attend, please send us your details on events@