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Cutting-Edge Sports Therapy Team in Dubai

Cutting-Edge Sports Therapy Team in Dubai

Maximize Performance, Minimize Pain

Achieve your goals and overcome pain with our sports therapy, sports conditioning, and injury rehab programs.

Meet the Therapists

Introducing our dynamic team of Osteopaths, Sports Physiotherapists, and NeuroKinetic Massage Therapists. With the combine expertise in musculoskeletal health, biomechanics, and neuromuscular therapy, we aim to deliver unparalleled results for athletes and active individuals alike.

Mariam Mohyeddin

Mariam’s commitment extends beyond mere treatment; she fosters a holistic understanding of each patient’s unique experience, acknowledging that pain often arises from a multitude of sources. With empathy and expertise, she collaborates with individuals to explore not only the physical aspects but also the emotional and psychological dimensions of their condition. By cultivating a supportive environment and equipping patients with knowledge and skills, Mariam empowers them to navigate their healing process with confidence and resilience.

Tristan White

Tristan goes above and beyond mere clinical expertise, embodying a holistic approach to well-being. Rather than just treating symptoms, he empowers his patients with a comprehensive understanding of lifestyle adjustments and proactive measures to foster lasting health. Whether aiding in recovery from injury, providing relief from chronic conditions, or enhancing performance, Tristan delivers unparalleled expertise and individualized attention.

Wills Burger

With a robust background in assisting individuals from diverse backgrounds, Wills is dedicated to alleviating pain and improving well-being. His expertise extends from aiding deconditioned adults in weight loss or fitness endeavors to supporting youth and professional athletes in enhancing performance and competition readiness. Additionally, serving as the Middle East teacher and representative of Neurokinetic Therapy Seminars, Wills conducts regular courses attracting allied healthcare professionals from across the region, furthering his impact on the field.

We understand that each individual presents its own unique challenges, and our goal is to provide tailored care that addresses your specific needs and facilitates your journey toward healing and restored functionality. From acute sports injuries requiring swift intervention to chronic conditions stemming from repetitive strain or trauma, we are committed to employing evidence-based practices and personalized treatment plans to optimize your recovery outcomes. By entrusting your rehabilitation to our experienced team, you can regain confidence in your body’s resilience and return to the activities you love with renewed vitality and vigor.

OHC’s Sports Therapy Services

We specialize in a wide range of injuries including but not limited to: spinal injuries, knee and shoulder injuries, and hand and foot injuries.


Our skilled osteopaths specialize in treating musculoskeletal issues using manual techniques to improve joint mobility, reduce pain, and enhance overall function.


Our experienced physiotherapists employ evidence-based practices to rehabilitate sports injuries and prevent future ones.

NeuroKinetic Therapy / Sports Massage

Functional Medicine /
Functional Nutrition

Fuel your body for success with personalized nutrition plans designed by our functional medicine doctor.


Experience the benefits of hydrotherapy in our specialized pool environment, where buoyancy and resistance facilitate gentle yet effective rehabilitation.

Sports Conditioning

Sports conditioning is essential for active individuals who want to perform at their best and avoid injuries. Our program combines strength and conditioning training with manual physical therapy to help improve performance and recover from injuries quickly.

Our certified therapists use cutting-edge techniques and equipment to help individuals achieve their goals. We use a combination of weightlifting, plyometrics, and cardio to build strength, power, and endurance. We also use techniques such as sport-specific drills and movements to help improve technique and performance.

In addition to sports conditioning, we also offer rehabilitation services to help individuals recover from injuries. Our therapists use a variety of techniques such as manual therapy, soft tissue mobilization, and exercises to help regain strength and range of motion. They will also work with you to create a personalized rehabilitation plan that is tailored to your specific needs and goals.

Why Choose Us?

OHC is a family-owned wellness clinic that’s been around since the year 2000. It’s the oldest Osteopathic clinic in the UAE and has been helping the community of Dubai for 24 years. It started as an osteopathic clinic, but over the years, OHC has developed a complete circle of care for the community, offering not just state-of-the-art manual therapies but also holistic view of patient care based on the philosophy of functional medicine, naturopathy, homeopathy, and quantum medicine.

We understand that every patient is different, that’s why our program is tailored to meet your individual needs. Whether you’re a professional athlete or just looking to improve your fitness and recover from injury, our team of experts will work with you to achieve your goals.

Our program is designed to help achieve goals through a combination of strength training, flexibility, and injury prevention exercises.

What Our Patients Say

John Gordon
John Gordon
Tristan has treated my vertigo in only 2 visits - good work!!!
Денис Храмагин
Денис Храмагин
Perfect clinic, nice area. Amazing professionals. Tristan did amazing job putting my body in place after a significant pause in therapy. Thank you!
Seema Bono
Seema Bono
I went to this Health Centre after a recent injury. Tristan White is an excellent, approachable and highly experienced Osteopath. I will definitely use this clinic again and recommend it to others. I saw immediate improvement with my back issue following one appointment which was really reassuring. An amazing service from start to finish!
Sarah Gouala
Sarah Gouala
I had a great experience with dr TRISTAN. He was highly skilled and attentive. And the staff were very efficient. They listened to my concerns, explained the treatment clearly, and I felt significant relief after just one session. highly recommend !
Dr.Hussein Labib
Dr.Hussein Labib
It was a very good experience to have my treatment with Karolina. I recommend osteopathic health center and of course karo.

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